Detailing your Car in San Diego

When it’s time to have the vehicle washed, what should someone look for? Most people using self-serve options want the same basic things, like a change machine that works. Far too often, change machines don’t work or end up giving the wrong amount of change. There’s usually not a number to call to get the money back and, if there is a number and someone answers, they usually say they’ll have to audit the box to see if a refund is needed. Most of the time, people will simply hang up and just not go back to that car wash again.

Most customers also want to see trash cans that are empty, not overflowing. Most of the time, the trash cans are filled with garbage that has been there long enough to create a health hazard. They simply aren’t emptied on a regular basis at all, and the garbage is left to sit and attract bugs and other pests. It’s surprising that there isn’t someone who empties the trash at least once or twice per day.

Customers also want to see car wash bays that are clean. Often, the wash bays are incredibly dirty because no one cleans them on a regular basis. If they’re full of gunk and debris, customers won’t want to spend time there working on getting their cars clean. It’s also nice to see a car wash that has somewhere to hang the mats so they can be thoroughly cleaned with the high-pressure, soapy water.

Another basic amenity customers want is a wand that works properly. It should be in a holder, not loose on the floor, and should have high pressure, not a weak flow of water. The wands should have the soap mix with the water for the prewash. Some don’t mix the soap and water at all in the prewash and, instead, offer a brush that isn’t long enough and soap that’s too thick, so it’s difficult to wash it all off without having to pay for more water.

Another issue is that self-service car washes don’t provide the right amount of extra time when more quarters are added. Most of the time, these car washes are in neighborhoods that require extra attention to the surroundings, so it’s possible to get things wet that shouldn’t be when the customer isn’t paying full attention to the vehicle.

Why should customers have to go through all of this when, for almost the same price and amount of time, they can have the best car detailing in San Diego? There is definitely a better option that offers a lot more benefits without costing a much more.

Instead of going to one of these car washes, head to a car detailing service that offers the best car detailing. You will end up with a vehicle that looks great, including the mats, carpets, and windows, and you won’t have to worry about getting wet trying while cleaning the vehicle or dealing with running out of time. Additionally, they focus on the mechanical condition of your vehicle. For example, a professional car detailing service will understand when it is time to rotate tires.

At San Diego Car Detailing, it’s possible to relax in the air conditioning, avoid getting wet or dirty, and have a car that’s sparkling clean. If your vehicle needs to be cleaned, go to a real car detailing service that offers amazing service. You’ll be able to get a high-quality detailing done that doesn’t damage the vehicle, and you can relax while it’s done. Check out a full-service car wash today to see what the difference is and why you’ll want to start going there instead of the DIY car washes you’ve been going to when your car needs to be cleaned.